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Our Story


Since time immemorial, people have packed their bags and weapons and travelled the world. From people traversing Europe with horse and cart to the tough cowboys of the Wild West.
Previously, it never occurred to anyone to design ‘privies’ where people could go and relieve themselves, because everyone just did their business in the wild.
Camping as a recreational activity only emerged in the 20th century. From then on, use could be made of the sanitary facilities on campsites. And it was unimaginable that mobile homes or caravans could be equipped with a toilet.
Time for change
But then the mobile toilet arrived. Everyone is familiar with them: blue or brown boxes with that characteristic smell. Available at festivals, sporting events or even present during the annual road works round the corner of your street. The chemicals used to reduce the odours from these toilets often had a negative effect: 
as a result no one loves using them and we stay away from them. But the most important disadvantage is that the chemicals used do not naturally biodegrade the waste and are harmful to nature. In this world full of pollution, this can no longer be tolerated!

1890  I  First camper
1915  I  First toilet
1948  I  The first camper van with built-in toilet
1965  I  First mobile toilet
1983  I  Motor home with a toilet using chemical liquids
1995  I  New generation of mobile toilets
2013  I  Demand for a non-chemical portable toilet is bigger than ever
Tomorrow  I  All toilets will work in a 100% natural way
time for evolution

Completely at ease

Completely at ease
Today we have SOLBIO, an all-natural sanitary liquid transforming your chemical toilet into an ecological and harmless toilet.
Thanks to SOLBIO you can go on holiday with your camper van, caravan or boat and enjoy your leisure time in the natural countryside with a clear conscience and peace of mind.
Revolutionary and versatile!
SOLBIO biodegrades waste quickly and completely.
In short, it is at one with nature!

The product consists of four key ingredients of the highest quality: natural soap, natural citric acid, 100% natural essential oils and plantextracts.

Revolutionary and versatile!

A chemical toilet becomes an ecological toilet!

A chemical toilet becomes an ecological toilet!
It can be used for just about every type of toilet…

  Mobile toilets
  Cassette toilets in caravans and motor homes
  Coach toilets
  Boat toilets
  camping toilets
  Etc …

Take the green road!

Fully and quick biodegradable
Fully and quick biodegradable
By using only 100% herbal ingredients, SOLBIO is very easily biodegraded by nature.
Refreshing fragrance
Refreshing fragrance
Specially selected natural oils are added to obtain a delicious and refreshing scent.
A revolutionary toiletfluid
A revolutionary toiletfluid
This revolutionary sanitary fluid neutralises unwanted odours and the toilet retains its fresh smell as if it had just been cleaned.
Handy & Sustainable pouch
Handy & Sustainable pouch
Its user-friendly and flexible packaging enables you to take SOLBIO easily with you on each trip you make. Moreover, its innovative packaging is very environmentally friendly.

Solbio in figures
Solbio contains no nasties so…

biodegraded within 28 days
no dyes thus
no stains!

4 in 1 Multi-Purpose Toilet fluid
The all-in-one principle.

 Flush-water tank
 Waste-holding tank
 Waste-water tank
 Toilet cleaner
*SOLBIO is 100% organic. Within 28 days, 98% of your waste is biodegraded.
  SOLBIO contains no dyes which can leave nasty stains.