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Our Product

Solbio - Original Pouch

Be at one again in and with nature!
By using only 100% herbal ingredients, Solbio is biodegraded by nature very easily…


How do you use Solbio?
Only 4 simple steps with a huge effect

Step 1

Wasteholding tank
Breaks down waste and toilet paper, prevents odours and gas build-up.
Dose 40 ml per 0-20 litres tank capacity + 2 litres water in the waste holding tank

Step 2

Flushwater tank
Prevents the formation of black particles, keeps your tank and toilet fresh and clean.
Dose 40 ml Solbio per 20 liter tank capacity

Step 3

Wastewater tank
Dose 40 ml Solbio per 50 liter tank capacity into your sink or shower drain to prevent all sorts of unpleasant smells and to keep your tank free from any deposits and fats

Step 4

Toilet cleaner
Removes limescale and urine stains, Protects seals. Once round the rim with a scrub keeps your toilet clean and fresh. Also to be used as Tank Cleaner

key ingredients of the highest quality in your Solbio
Natural soap
Natural citric acid
100% natural essential oils

Solbio - Ingredients

The difference
Compare a biological toilet with a chemical one.

Solbio toilet
Natural soap
-> very easily biodegradable
Natural essential oils
-> very easily biodegradable
A Biostimulator
-> creates a natural balance
No dyes
-> better for the environment

Chemical toilet
Chemical soap
-> poorly biodegradable
Synthetic oils
-> poorly biodegradable
Some contain formaldehyde
-> harms the environment and is even carcinogenic
-> poorly biodegradable

How to dose per tank?
Solbio – Original I Mobile & cassette toilets, waste-water tanks, …

40ml Solbio - Ingredients 0 – 20L
80ml Solbio - Ingredients to40L
100ml Solbio - Ingredients to60L
120ml Solbio - Ingredients to80L
140ml Solbio - Ingredients to100L
160ml Solbio - Ingredients to120L
180ml Solbio - Ingredients to140L
200ml Solbio - Ingredients to160L
220ml Solbio - Ingredients to180L
240ml Solbio - Ingredients to200L
260ml Solbio - Ingredients to220L
280ml Solbio - Ingredients to240L
Solbio - Volumebar

Solbio - Marine Pouch

Now there is also a marine variant!
We created a type of Solbio specifically for boat toilets. It is even more powerful and removes deposits in the tank!


How do you dose Solbio Marine per tank?
Solbio – Marine I Navigation – Waste-water tanks (black + grey), …

8ml Solbio - Ingredients 0 – 10L
80ml Solbio - Ingredients to100L
120ml Solbio - Ingredients to150L
240ml Solbio - Ingredients to300L
400ml Solbio - Ingredients to500L
600ml Solbio - Ingredients to750L
800ml Solbio - Ingredients to1000L
1200ml Solbio - Ingredients to1500L
1600ml Solbio - Ingredients to2000L
2000ml Solbio - Ingredients to2500L
2400ml Solbio - Ingredients to3000L
3200ml Solbio - Ingredients to4000L
Solbio - Volumebar

Solbio - Er groeit iets

In sum, Solbio …
Choose for a better future!

is 100 % organic
is 100 % effective
produces immediate results
does not contain toxic substances
is safe for people and for the environment
contains pure and fresh aromas
has a concentrated and prudent formula
comes in a handy and compact packaging
is tested in a laboratory