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Solbio does not have an eco-label yet because the requirements to obtain an eco-label for this type of product are in general too low. Even products that harm the environment can obtain an eco-label if the producer tries to reduce the environmental damage. However, Solbio is completely natural and harmless.
The Solbio pouch keeps the environmental footprint very low while the empty packaging hardly takes any place. The transport is minimized and the pouches are filled as close to you as possible.
Solbio does not cause any irritation of the skin. In case of excessive exposure, it is recommended to rinse your skin thoroughly with water.
Since Solbio is a 100% natural product, it does not contain harmful substances.
In case of long-term exposure of the skin, rinse with water.
In case of eye exposure, rinse with water, also under the eyelids. Remove any contact lenses.
If ingested, rinse mouth with water.
In case of doubt or persistent symptoms, always consult a doctor.

Our products

Only 100% organic ingredients. Go to to find out more about it.
A 100% organic toilet fluid for mobile toilets in camper vans, caravans and boats. However, Solbio is also perfectly suited for toilets in coaches, trains and airplanes.
The formula is kept a secret, highly secured and in a top secret location.
Due to our advanced stock management, we guarantee that Solbio is always in stock.
Of course! Solbio even facilitates the smooth functioning of your septic tank by stimulating the biological balance. It is thus perfectly possible to empty your mobile toilet at home.

40ml Solbio - Ingredients 0 – 20L
80ml Solbio - Ingredients to60L
100ml Solbio - Ingredients to80L
140ml Solbio - Ingredients to100L
160ml Solbio - Ingredients to110L
180ml Solbio - Ingredients to120L
200ml Solbio - Ingredients to140L
220ml Solbio - Ingredients to160L
240ml Solbio - Ingredients to180L
260ml Solbio - Ingredients to220L
280ml Solbio - Ingredients to240L
300ml Solbio - Ingredients to280L
8ml Solbio - Ingredients 0 – 10L
80ml Solbio - Ingredients to100L
120ml Solbio - Ingredients to150L
240ml Solbio - Ingredients to300L
400ml Solbio - Ingredients to500L
600ml Solbio - Ingredients to750L
800ml Solbio - Ingredients to1000L
1200ml Solbio - Ingredients to1500L
1600ml Solbio - Ingredients to2000L
2000ml Solbio - Ingredients to2500L
2400ml Solbio - Ingredients to3000L
3200ml Solbio - Ingredients to4000L

First check how much you need to use. The dose depends on the content of your tank.
 You can dose Solbio in the waste-holding tank, always combined with approx 2 liters of water.
If you have a separate flush-water tank for your toilet, you can also add a small dose of Solbio to it. That way your flush-water will have a nice fresh scent.
Solbio is very economical in use, so it can’t do any harm to experiment a little.
Certainly. Solbio is an organic product that is completely and easily biodegraded by nature.
It is very easy to use, just like a wine pouch. Simply hold the pouch with one hand and use the other hand to press the button.
Solbio does not damage the caps. It even has a cleaning effect on the toilet and its components.
Solbio creates a biological balance in your mobile toilet so there are no unpleasant smells.
There are approximately 40 doses in one pouch. Consequently, one pouch is enough for your entire holiday.

Shipping & Delivery

Two days approximately.
That is perfectly possible if the order has not been sent by us yet.
Contact us as soon as possible by sending an e-mail to
or by filling out the contact form on
That is certainly possible. You do have to take into account the delivery time, to make sure that your Solbio is not delivered when you have already left the camp site. You can always track your order using the track and trace function of the logistic partner.
If you are not at home when your order is delivered, you will find a card in your mailbox with the details of the post office where you can collect your order.
You also have the following options:
The mailman attempts to deliver the order a second time.
The order is delivered to a different address or sent to another post office.
In that case you just need to mark the desired option and drop it in the mailbox.
The Track and Trace tool of the logistic partner will allow you to find out the exact location of your order. In your order confirmation you will find the link.
We’re new so we’ll ship for free just to get you started 😉

Returning & Cooling-off period

Solbio guarantees 100% satisfaction. Our 100% Guarantee policy holds that, if you are not satisfied with Solbio, you can just return the pouch and get 100% of your purchase price back. With our 100% guarantee policy, we aim at making it profitable for you, even if the product fails your expectation. If you return the ‘Solbio Pouch’ you get your purchase price, provided that about 75 % is still left in the Solbio pouch. Now, you may be asking why we have such a return policy. The reason for that is, that we know and trust that the performance and quality of our Toilet fluid is of premium standards, whether it is used in your motor home, caravan or boat. We take pride in our product quality and we are sure that you and nature will too. You can easily return Solbio after sending an e-mail to or by filling out the contact form on

Safety & Payment

Solbio offers you a secure payment environment and uses a secure internet connection during the checkout. Through SSL, your transaction data is always encrypted when sent over the internet. You do not need any specific software to pay with SSL. You can recognize a secure SSL connection by the “green lock” in your browser.
You can pay securely using different payment methods and completely free of charge. Your credit card details are securely sent and are not stored. You can also pay with PayPal, completely free of charge.