SOLBIO Logo Reveal

With many thanks to Jason Windsor for having created such a great an awesome SOLBIO Logo Reveal Jason knows how to bring our message across and to make a perfect translation. SOLBIO is an all-natural sanitary liquid that transforms your chemical toilet into an ecological and harmless toilet. (Translation: Use SOLBIO in your camper or portable toilet […]

“Will we ever get to a place of zero-tolerance for brands that don’t care about people and planet?”

Published by Alison Klein Okay, okay – I know it’s a bold headline but after reading Brand Thinking for our book club meeting, I honestly think it’s true. In Brand Thinking, Debbie Millman collects a series of interviews investigating the art and science of branding. Based on the principles the book establishes and consumers’ rapidly […]

How It All Began…

All too often, you hear of people who start with a big business dream but, sadly, watch those dreams go down the toilet after a few mistakes or miscues. Here at Solbio, though, our business dream actually started IN the toilet! Let me explain… A couple of years ago, I was on vacation with my […]